GXP1630 Recovery Incomplete



How can I get out of: “Recovery Incomplete” on a GXP1630? I don’t mind resetting to factory.


Also you need provision new firmware to unit for fixing it.


I am planning to do that but my issue is that the phone does not show up on my UCM62xx GUI; it shows that it is not connected;

In that case, how can I reset and provision it?


You may create a temporary TFTP server on your network, containing the new .bin firmware, then set Option 66 to the IP address of the TFTP. The phone should look up during DHCP initialization.


Thanks but I don’t think you are getting me; The phone is stuck showing the above message; even if I disconnect/reconnect the power, I will still get the same message; No menu can be accessed.


@fmarcoux96 answer is correct.
Message on screen does not mean that device is not getting IP, it getting it usually so Option 66 can point where to find firmware.
There is no easy way to fix phones, you need provide them FIRMWARE for fix.