GXP1630, Is it possible flash Multi-Purpose Keys?


I have use Multi-Purpose Keys to setting call park feature,
Programable keys’ setting like that:
MPK1 mode = Busy Lamp Field(BLF)

Unfortunate, our users somebody have color-blind and can’t distinguish between red and green,
Is it possible flash my Multi-Purpose Keys on Busy Lamp Field(BLF) mode?

How can setting my device? anyone can help me?


This is a question for support, but it is doubtful as the LED in use is likely a dual or bi-color LED which only supports red & green.


Thank for your reply, I got answer form Grandstream APAC support.
Same as you said that only supports red & green.

Thanks everyone


Thanks for contacting Grandstream APAC support.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change it as it is programmed to be solid green or red.



It is a function of the LED designed into the product. I am aware of only one manufacturer that allows for a used defined LED color selection. While I have some of the phones in service, I have not used the function in client locations as I am not interested in becoming a custom BLF designer for every user who may want something different. It is not a Grandstream product.


Thank you for your information.

If nothing to lose for a small modify but can get more user groups, why not do it?

Yeap, a product really can’t care of individual groups, but i think the detailed design will definitely reflect the manufacturer’s position and prospects. details determine quality.
just a personal idea, GrandStream already done a great job.

Too many feature request on GrandStream maybe unreasonable, i need try to find other phone like can be Flash BLF LED.

Thanks a lot :smiley:


I find this :scream::scream::scream:
It’s an action movie?:joy:


on the GXP16XX series it seems to me that you cannot do it, but on the GXP2135 / 70 and GRP21XX series you can make some changes in Settings / Preferences / LED Control -> BLF LED Pattern.
You should see if you find the combination that can help you.



Yes, but the phones are still showing Red & Green, which is what you wanted to change, so I am uncertain as to the pertinence of the video.

As Damiano pointed out, you can change the pattern, but not the color and this is still not applicable to the 1630. As I noted there is only one phone make of which I am aware that supports using user defined colors and the phone is significantly more expensive than the 1630.


There is no way to show other colours, R and G diode is used there only not multi colour.


I would not say wrong things, but once I had a look and I think there were interesting alternatives (but in my opinion absurd) on the GXP21XX, but it would be to be verified.


21xx have few set how they blink, but still only R and G



Thanks everyone ^_^/

I already have a 2160 and doing some test.
yes, 2160 is significantly more expensive.
still only R and G color, but LED flashing feature is enough for our color blind user to know which line have incoming call(call park).



I’m glad I could have helped you :slight_smile: