GXP1630, Is it possible display my phone number on LED when incoming call is ringing?


On my GXP1630,
I have registered 2 line number for receive income call on asterisk server and want to know which one getting incoming call on GXP1630.
Is it possible display my phone number on LED when incoming call is ringing?

I have try setting my line number to SIP info like manual said
and confimed my line number in sip package capture like that
Message Header

Remote-party-ID: <sip:xxxxxxxxxx"my line number">
P-Asserted-Identity: <sip:xxxxxxxxxx"my line number">

and set up that
Account1 -> SIP Settings -> Basic Settings ->
Callee ID Display = Auto
Caller ID Display = Auto
=> no effect, only incoming call number displayed 2 times

Callee ID Display = To Header
Caller ID Display = From Header
=> display unavaliable

My GXP1630’s FW is newest Version
Did i miss or wrong something? anyone can help me?

On my asterisk serve, try use Set(CALLERID(num)=xxxxxxxx) to set call id and succeed to show my line number on LED
Is it possible when show my line number to show incoming call number at the same time?
LED Display like that
from: incoming call number
to: my number(which one of my 2 line number)



thanks everyone, i have got answer


Thanks for contacting Grandstream APAC support.

Unfortunately, GXP1630 does not support the feature you mentioned.



Can you route the call through a ring group and change the call ID to your phone number or a meaningful name?

I know I could on a GS UCM based on asterisk so, I assume so.


Hi, Thank for your reply, i understand your mean,

APAC support means that there are no two elements to display the calling ID and the incoming call ID both on the incoming call screen at the same time.

only one display element on incoming call screen for now, only can be written calling ID and incoming caller ID to SIP info as character,
look like that Set(CALLERID(num)=“from:xxxxxx to:xxxxx”)

but you know. this way SIP head will not specification.