Gxp1628 physical issues


I have one GXP1628 and am wondering if I should get more, or choose something else.

Sitting on a desk, it’s not very stable. You have to either use two hands or use your thumb to stabilize the phone when pressing any button above the digits. Anybody have any advice on how to stabilize or whether other models are more stable? (I’m also getting GXV3250s, and hope they don’t have a problem).

Secondly, are there any (Word) templates I can use to print labels for the multi-function keys? My handwriting is not a good alternative. I’d like to be able to use my computer print labels for any phone I might acquire.


Are you sure it is sitting flat on the desk with no cables under it getting in the way of the stand?

Look at the new GRP2612. It should be around the same price and it is way newer.

I hope you mean GXV3350s.


Yes. Cables are out of the way. I will look into the newer phones. Are they more stable on the desk?

Yes, getting GXV3350s. Stable?

What about a template for word to print labels for either type of phone?



Do a Google search for DESI Labels. They may have something you can use. Not sure though as they also offer label stock.


Not Word, but this might help - https://www.pdffiller.com/389613533-gxp1628_1630_blf_templatepdf-GXP16281630-BLF-Label-Template-Grandstream-Networks-