Gxp1628 key problem


good evening
thank you for helping me I encounter a problem that may appear trivial for you.
I have a telephone set its BLF are programmed, it shows me the state of the others if they are busy or free.
but if the other stations receive calls their buttons do not flash at my place
how to make appear the blinking when it receives calls to be able to pick their call.
thank you :blush:


First, make sure that the firmware in the phone and the PBX are up to date and if not read the release notes and update accordingly.

You can use the following reference to set BLF manually. If you are configuring the phone with zero-config from the PBX, get into the phone and reference the manual to see if you can determine if anything is amiss.

If all fails, factory reset the phone, reprogram and try again.


More details just to clear things,
are you looking to monitor extensions or pickup calls on behalf of extensions monitored. If former, a BLF key should light solid red when an extension is engaged, is this the problem? If latter, you could try SCA if you have enough keys or pickup groups whichever scales well.