GXP1628 error " recovery incomplete "


Dear Guys

I have this problem for GXP1628. This problem appears on screen. It is recovery incomplete.

I can not login configuration web GUI with this issue as above. . So I can not upgrade firmware.

Could you please help me this case.

Thank you so much.


This require network knowledge, do you have it ?

If yes:
Phone should ask for IP -> DHCP. Use TFTPD on your PC with DHCP ON and option 66 to rewrite path for upgrade to your PC. This should start upgrade from your PC.
This is short description. If IP is static then you need sniff packets and check where phone try find firmware.

If NO then contact seller as this is not easy task without IT knowledge.


Dear Marcin,

With this issue is “recovery incomplete” . GXP1628 can not use DHCP .Because it is system hang .

If you can support me the method to fix this problem . Thank you for support .

In vietnam . I can not search seller for this product . So you can support me the method to fix this problem .

You can write this information via my emali. My email is trungnguyentoanchau@gmail.com.

My company is using 50 pcs of GXP1628 .




You need capture any packets from phone.
Phone - PC direly cable, run wireshark or any similar network sniffer and see what phone do in network.
It can have static IP, or try find upgrade server. Then we can think about next step.

Usually before it hung it do some network activity.