GXP1628 and UCM6204. How to view or hear extension number in phone.



Hello dear friends and greetings from Greece.
I have setup an UCM6204 with 10 GXP1628 devices (firmware Everything is working perfectly but I do have a little issue.
The employees sometimes change desks for temporary work and while sitting in front of the desk they need to know the extension number of the phone that is there.
Since the account name line does not handle so many letters and digits only the name is shown. What they do now is silly, they call the reception and ask what is the extension number that I am calling from right now!!
Is it anyhow, anyway possible to see the extension number in the menu of the phone? I have tried searching in the phones menu but only the IP address can be seen.
Is there any “secret” or non secret dial call feature so that they can hear back the extension number?
May I dare to ask if the letter fonts or spacing for the line display can be changed a bit accommodate so I can change the account name to something like "George ext53"
Thank you so much in advance


I have the same issue too!

I have a UCM6204 and 4 GXP1628, but there is no way to see the extension # on the display.
Also, it would be nice to have Line 2 have a choice of “Text Field” to display any information.