GXP1625 web GUI question, SIP problem, firmware update


Hello and thank you for letting me post my problems here :slight_smile:

My new GXP 1625 has a webinterface that shows no account settings and is curiously
I tried to get SIP to work by manually inputting all data on the phone menu, but that failed
also. And lastly I found no way to update the firmware (I hope that the new 132 one will
correct the missing accounts).
Is there a way to expand the GUI to show all user settings?
Thanks, Alex


In answer to your question, once you enter into the web GUI, the page should everything available without having to do anything special. It is not clear to me how you were able to “to work by manually inputting all data on the phone menu” as this seemingly implies that you were indeed able to see a screen and input data, but it is curious to not that the tab “ACCOUNTS” is missing from the headings you posted.

You might try clearing the browser cache and/or using a different browser and see if that helps. If it does, then look for the firmware version and see if changed or updated.


Hello and thank you for your answer.
No, all browsers show the same GUI, which is sort of abbreviated, meaning that
aa lot of settings are just missing. I have a friend, who ordered from a seperate
dealer, and he has the “full” GUI.

My GUI is missing accounts and maintenance, these settings are not on my GUI
(look at the screenshot I posted).

I had to input all SIP settings on the phone without the GUI and was successful.
I just want to know whether I got sort of a phone “for beginners” or a scaled down phone or whether I have to change some setting in the phone to get the full GUI.

BTW I was able to update the firmware using HTTPS and xampp, FW is now


If the phone was purchased new and from an authorized source, the you should have the full screen like your friend does. I am not aware of any deprecated screens, but I suppose it possible if the phone had been delivered to a hosting provider or other large scale operation who contracted with GS to provide a phone with certain functions/screens disabled such that it would be provisionable by them with the hope of keeping us mere mortals from doing things for ourselves.

You might consider submitting a ticket to support to confirm.


Thank you, I’ve submitted a ticket.


Logut from phone web page and login again.
Lately i noticed that you can see GS pages without authorization but it will be blank.


My bad: I just had to log in as admin …
Thank you for the information.


I was going to say that it sounds like you used the user login.

Glad you figured it out!