GXP1625 still storing memory after factory resetting it



tried over 5 times factory resetting the GPX1652 but it still seems to be storing data and memory which is blocking and refusing the IP for the rest of the phones,
when plugging in the phone and connecting it to a internet line cable it then blocks out the IP address for the rest of the phones and causes a delay and stop to the internet too.

Any suggestions as to why this is happening and how can i fully reset it without memory still being stored inside it after factory rebooting it…?


How are you able to determine that the device still has prior settings?

Is this a new phone? Or, is it one that you have been using?

I am not understanding how it blocks out the IP for the rest of the phones.

DO you have access to the settings via the front panel display and navigation keys on the front panel?


Hi, Thanks for your quick response…
phones can be new or currently in use, it happens in both scenario’s
the phone is somehow keeping the memory previously stored inside it and the IP address is then blocking the rest of the phones…
here’s a practical example,
i buy a phone and set it up by creating the extension 10 use i for 2 days and then i have to hard reset it because i have to give it to someone else needless to say i would delete the extension that i had set up too…the person who i give it to uses it and sets it up but it blocks the other phones because there’s somehow still memory in it that is trying to connect it to the setup for extension 10 that i previously created which isn’t available anymore due to me deleting it .
the new system/IP address is seeing it as a threat and blocks all other phones one time as a security measure.

yes i do have access to navigate to all settings…


And where are you buying the phones?


from an approved Grandstream supplier in south africa


Is the phone being given to someone on the same network and UCM?

Did you provision the phone via Zero Config or a provisioning server? If on the same network and system, did you remove the original provisioning there?


Thanks. the reason I asked is that there are some non-GS approved resellers that are not selling new product, but used or possibly new and they may have custom firmware that points the phone back to their config servers.

However, I am of the opinion that given the description provided. of the phone being used for several days and then later picking up a config seems to be more likely a provisioning issue. Manually provision the phone and turn off LLDP and CDP. Also check the router for DHCP options that might be used and see where they point. Additionally, clear the config server setting in the phone and then reconnect and see what happens.

It seems unlikely that the phone would have a profile with one set of parameters and then after a reset it would magically recall an old profile from an earlier period. If this were true, then it implies that you could power the device up using a transformer and then reset it and without doing anything else, it should somehow revert to extension 10. I am of the opinion that LLDP or a DHCP option is telling the phone how to get a config and the config is still available in whatever device it is being directed.