GXP1625 peer to peer without SIP server


I am trying to setup 3 GXP1625 handsets without a SIP server or a PBX. Is it possible to let the user enter an IP address as the number without using the “direct ip” option down in the menus?

The 3 handsets ips:
Note the third handset is on a different subnet so the “Quick IP call mode” will not work to dial the third IP from either of the first two.
After successfully completing a “direct IP” call and saving the number to the address book the phone will not attempt to dial the number.



perhaps, grab a raspberry pi and place an IP PBX on it and use that to connect your 3 x handsets together with full IP PBX functionality.


try *47IP in contact


@Marcin is correct, but you really might want to consider @scottsip’s suggestion as well. An rPi with FreePBX or FusionPBX on it will cost you about US $35 plus shipping and give you a lifetime of frustration. I mean, a lifetime of enjoyment. :slight_smile:

Plus, it will let you do more than simply call each other via IP. You can hook up to a SIP provider and have “real” phone connectivity, voicemail, conferencing, and lots of other features.