GXP1625 is not gathering correct Timezone hour, even with DHCP Option 2 Override enabled



I have several GXP1625 IP telephones installed here. So I updated firmware to and enabled Time and Date to these settings:
At my DHCP server I enabled these values:

But they are not working! (My Time Offset is -4UTC) so my device might have GMT -4 hour. Instead of it, it’s showing UTC Time.

Any ideas to solve it? I’d rather to work by this way, because we have a great number of these devices, and changing timezone manually one-by-one is hard. Here in Brazil the government change Daylight rules almost every year.


check that you have not set any forcing on Zero Config


I’m searching for this feature within GXP1625, but no luck. Is this a server feature for IP clients?


let’s start all over again, where are the phones registered?


They are registered in an Asterisk server, but I didn’t found any settings related to it on the server,unless to it:

But I saw that, told as NTP Server, is not running at all, as I tested here:

$ sudo ntpdate
18 Feb 14:51:30 ntpdate[25328]: no server suitable for synchronization found

I decided to change NTP server to a valid server ( and changed Time Zone to America/Cuiaba. After that, rebooted device and now it’s GMT-3, or, 1-hour ahead.

Better saying, I keep having problems to set correct time. Any ideas?