GXP1625 drop Incoming call




Last time I have bought GXP 1625 and now I’m facing strange problem.
No each SIP accounts (tested on 4 different accounts), GXP 1625 drop any incoming calls and allow all outgoing calls.
This problem new for me because on previous telephone GXP 1405 the same accounts work properly (I can make and receive calls).
I have compare general setting on both devices and looks alike.

Is there any hidden option to switch to fix problem?
Any advice what to check to solve problem?


1625 ring or not ?
If not it can be router fault.
Earlier 1450 could have set specific rules in router.


Hi MaciejK,

If you are still having issues with the 1625, could you please attach the phone’s configuration file to your post?



Did anyone find a remedy for this? I have a Grandstream gxp1625 that immediately drops all incoming calls when picked up (it does ring). The out going calls are ok.


any details?


Sounds like a NAT issue. The incoming call is an INVITE and when the phone is answered a 200OK is sent and I am guessing that the return message has the private IP which is then seen by the provider and they send to that rather than the IP seen at registration. Try putting your public IP in the NAT IP section of the GXP and test.