GXP1625 Direct IP Call - how to get busy signal when dialing to GXP1625 off hook?


When I am dialing to GXP1625 off hook (during the conversation) the second line is ringing. I need to give busy signal to the caller instead of that. Is it possible within Direct IP Call?

I could not find the solution. The only option I found, is to give “unavailable” signal but not busy.


What is the second line? Another extension/account or just a second line still associated to the one account?

If the same account and just a second line for same, then you can try and disable the call waiting settings in the phone .


If the second line is LINE or Shared Line (Account 1 or 2) the second line will ring.
If the second line is anything else then will obtain “unavailable” signal.

Disabling Call waiting feature nothing changing. I am afraid that Call waiting is not working with Direct IP Call.


Call wait work for Direct, but it is separate for each account.
Disable 2 line is solution.