Gxp1625 1 not answering when pickup handset 1 outbound rings 2 times then nothing


1 has the latest firmware the other has.132. phone one will not answer when the handset is picked up have to press the line key, the second phone hangs when dialing a call you can hear it ring 2 times then nothing. faulty phones? nothing has changed they used to work.


please fill in the gaps…

  • what system are the phones connected to?
  • what type of call - is it sip/analogue/extension calling to ring group ?
  • is it sip/analogue/extension calling a queue?


ucm6202, sip, outbound calls.


UCM route or switch ?
Catch packets Ethernet packet to see what is going there.


here is the packet cap, capture-000B82F04E06.zip (5.9 MB)


There are two outbound calls, one from extension 103 and the other from extension 106.

It would be helpful to know the test scenario and which extensions are exhibiting what issue.
The call from 103 lasted almost 2 minutes and completed successfully. The call was to a number ending with 0879. It was made from a GXP2135, not a 1625 as the title of the post reads.

The call from 106 lasted approximately 33 seconds before the capture was ended. It was a call to a number ending with 0214. While the provider did open up 183 early media and did provide a 200OK/SDP when the other end answered, I am not able to tell if any RTP was generated back from the 1625 as the pcap of the call ended within ~500ms of the 200OK. However, the capture file continued for another 27 seconds and it does appear that RTP was flowing back from the phone as well as to the provider. The pcap file does not cover the BYE and completion of the call. The call was still in progress when the capture was ended. This also looks to me like a successful call.

You do have a trunk that is being rejected by the provider with a 403. It is the one ending with 1864:

The other trunk is fine.

Suggest you update to the latest release for the 1625 and then eliminate unneeded codecs in both the trunk and the extension settings. You should need PCMU and G729 for the trunks and the same for the extensions, you could add g722 if desired to the extensions as well.

You should also check on the credentials of the rejected trunk. I am uncertain what I was looking for or what the issue, if any was; hence the need for some explanation.


capture-000B82F04E06 (2).zip (2.8 MB)
i made the changes requested added a port range and removed the second trunk it was a trunk i was trying to set up for faxing it did not work. do you know if there is a g711? i could not see how to disable codecs on the phones i could only change them


g711 is the same as PCMA or PCMU. g711u= PCMU and g711a = PCMA.

So you are not using zero-config in the UCM to provision the phones? IN teh extension settings in the UCM -

In the phones make the entries the same. Make the first ones all read g711u/PCMU and the latter entries read g729.


OK, I am a little confused. There were two calls and both seemed to work. Both were made by a GXP2135, so I really unsure what I am looking for. given the 1625 post.

Was there an issue?


It started out as 1 phone after digging deeper it was all phones. We are in a rural area one isp uses wireless point to point for internet. I think this is the biggest issue. Recently the isp upgraded equipment.