GXP1620/1625 to work with UCM6202/3204


hello i have been working on this system for a week strait and i can not get them to work i have followed all the instructions and keep working at it i am now at a stand still please help


You will need to be more specific as to what you have/have not done?
What instructions you’ve followed?

Or reach out to one of the pros here to get it done for you.


i have done everything that the instructions says to do i need help


help I need a pro


Please contact me at the number or email below and I will assist in any way I can.


there is no number or email ahh accounts@holmescctv.ca is my email thanks :smiley:


You must not be seeing the signatures


Yeah i also do not see it :stuck_out_tongue:


I see them all.


I only see Lucas’ response and not any signature.


I can see his signature and the contact details


To be clear, I see his company name and number when I hover over his pix, but I do not consider it a signature.,but maybe in the GS way of things, I am wrong.


I can see a signature with email and contact number on


Wow, first time I have seen that. As I do not see any settings in the GS site, i bet it is my banner ad blocker in my security suite.


Was not banner blocker, but settings in GS user profile in signature settings. If you have enabled them for yourself and filled out the fields, then you will also see the others that have done the same; otherwise only the post.


Good to know, that needs to be changed.


I still have broken link :slight_smile:


Do you see your own?
I see them all.


Yes, i cannot see only yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Marcin probably has an ad blocker on for Lucas :hushed: