GXP1615 with UCM6204 Compatibility


Hi, i have a UCM6104 and UCM6208 with multiple GXP 16XX series, many of them are working just fine, i got a bunch of new ip phones GXP1615, but it seems like there is no compatibility between the UCM and this new extenstions, just one note to make it clear, on the zero config the UCM was unable to detect the model (GXP1615) so i did it manually, i added the account into the phone, but when i go to extensions menu, the phone is still available even thought i added all the configuration same as the other phones.


Attached it shows how the UCM is unable to detect the phone model, and when i do that manually and finish the set up , still no connectivity with the UCM and the phone, because the extension still available.


Update the GXP1615 to firmware then try


I did, still the same issue, i kept some extensions with old firmware , and some of them updated to the last firmware but both the same issue.


Attached both extensions with new and old firmware.