GXP1615 Time settings not running with NTP and Time zone



I am busy completing an installation with a UCM6240 with GXP1780 and GXP1615.
I am battling to get the correct time for my phones via NTP at GMT+2. It is 8 hours off.
Anything that I am missing at all? 1780 FW and the GXP 1615 FW

Any suggestions as the client is telling me that I am using them as guinea pigs.

You can also update your manuals to support your software


Where is the UCM getting its time and is it incorrect as well and what NTP server is in use and how were the phone provisioned and was NTP set in the provisioning file?

Your criticism of the manuals is lacking any specifics of how or where you had difficulties so, a general characterization is apt not to result in any change. This is a user-to-user forum and if there are suggestion to make it better, a ticket to the help desk would be a better path as none of us have any control of the manual content.


UCM is getting its time which is incorrect. I am using ntp.ipvideotalk.com as was issued with the device. I have to use UTC+2 Johannesburg.

As for the manuals. I shall give more details later.

thank you for the quick response


This was a few seconds ago. The time is now 13:39 locally


And what is set here (a different phone, but the others have a similar page/settings)-


This what I have and it is not giving the correct time setting.

Any suggestions?

UCM is getting its time which is incorrect


And you will note that the NTP server is different,. Find one that is local to SA.


This following shot is on the UCM6204 time settings


you’re not entering the wrong time zone?


No I am not. what puzzles me is that I am setting GMT+2 and then it shows GMT-5:00 on the system page.


Ok, there is one on the phone and one on the UCM.

The phone needs one as it may not be connected to a PBX all the time and/or to whatever it is connected to does not act as a NTP server and as such it needs the capability to have its own settings.

As the phone is showing something different than that of the UCM, it also means that either you did not provision the phone using Zero-Config or if you did, you did not set the following option in the template -

The above is a template that I created for a 1628. You will note that I have set the IP address of the NTP server to a local IP which happens to be the IP of the UCM. I have also set the timezone for my locale and combined with the below -

I have told the UCM to act as a NTP server and as such the phones will use the UCM and get their time from same so that all are in sync with one another.


under which heading on the GUI do I find this template?


I have done all. Now just the correct time zone on the UCM6204



If using GS phones with the UCM, you can set up a model template which allows you to set various settings for a group of like model phones such that certain desired settings will be sent to all the phones that are assigned this template. So, set up a single template with all the common settings and then either select it as a default in which case it will be applied to all phones of the same model type or create multiple templates for the same models and manually assign the desired template to those that need one group of settings and the other template(s) to the other group(s) that need the different (other) settings. The manual has more detail, but Zero-Config makes it much easier to program up a bunch of phones rather than manually doing them one by one.


I have a lot to learn with GS…


Well, most IP-PBX systems have similar functionalities and settings, but how the GUI is arranged and the terminology used by each manufacturer might be different in some way as it all about how to build the better mousetrap. Some like to keep it fairly simply and others not so much (so it seems). A lot has to do with your prior experience and familiarity which in-turn sets up preconceived notions of how one “thinks” it should function. Each is different and each is to his own, but the destination is the same.

Play around with it and enjoy, just do backups regularly (use a SD or USB and not the local memory) so that if you change something and it causes issues and you’re not sure, you can always go back.


Thank you for the advice… Much appreciated.
I have now set the NTP on the phones to point to the UCM.
Now we pray…


Ignore show on phone STATUS, it is bugged for age and always show -5 whatever is set.
But phone will show correct time.


Hi Marcin, The problem is that the phone does not show the correct time. I am GMT+2 and the phone is an hour behind time plus some minutes… GS will have to attend to the software for this as it creates bad impression with client.

GS is a great system to use. But the manuals need to be less technical and more process GUI friendly.


Disable DHCP option 2 and 42, They can change your settings.