Gxp1610 stops working


Hello there, I have a problem with two gxp1610 phones with firmware, they lose the network connection and also the bypass pc port stops working so the computer stays without internet, this problem happens everyday in the morning,
when I come to work in the morning I have to unplug and plug again the ethernet cable so the phones can work again.
Any ideas of how to solve this?
I have already tested the network points at each end, also I have tested with ping command to know if there is packet loss but everything seems ok
I have talked with my voip provider and they said I have to check the negotiation on network points, but i don’t know how to do that.
Thanks in advance


Sounds like the handsets are exposed to the internet - check the firewall and make sure that “you use point to point connectivity to the host only” don’t open the whole external world subnet to the handsets else this will happen and is probably the cause.

To discount what I have said provide more details on how the handsets connect up to the VoIP HOST.