GXP1405 Password in Internet Browser


I am trying to manage the settings on my GXP1405 phone. There are several of these phones in my office. I have the IP address that is provided to me by the phone. When I enter this IP address into my browser, the Grandstream web application loads and I am prompted to enter my password. The default password is “admin.” But this is not correct… How do I access the web app???

I do not know if it matters… but the phone in my office is not the MAIN phone. It functions like a “subsidiary” phone. For example, my company number is 555-555-0001. If a person dials that number, all the phones in my suite will ring. But if someone calls 555-555-0002, ONLY my phone will ring.


If you didnt deploy the handset, ask the administrator of the phones for your password so you can manage it.


We do not have an admin. I am the most qualified.

I am able to access the MAIN phone using the default password. Can I do anything from there?


factory default the handset


I am confused…you initially indicate you can’t access, then later you can? Which is it and what do you want to do with it? The manual will have loads of info.


Do you save your password in browser? if you have saved, you can find in your broswer setting ->passwords