GXP1400 not factory reset



When configuring devices centrally using an xml template, the Factori Razet option was disabled.
Now this option is not available either under the user, or under the administrator, or in the device itself.
I went through the entire template for the phone, but I still can’t figure out which option is responsible for enabling / disabling Factory Reset
Can you please tell me how I can return this option?

При централизованной настройке аппаратов, с использованием xml шаблона, была отключена опция Фактори Рэзет.
Теперь этой опции нет ни под юзером, ни под админом, ни в самом аппарате
Прошерстил весь шаблон для телефона, но так и не могу понять что за опция отвечает за включение/отключении Factory Reset
Подскажите, пожалуйста, как мне вернуть данную опцию?


i have same problem, my groups phone 14XX not factory reset and some not ip address, please any solution about it?


look here:

a tip, do not open 3 identical posts for the same problem, it just creates confusion


thank damiano for your information,

but the manual says nothing

My problem is that when I go to look for the factory reset option in the config menu, it doesn’t exist!

sorry for creating the same topic


Hey! I downloaded the default config file and uploaded it to my phone