GXP Series, load OpenVPN config files from HTTP?


Trying to auto-load OpenVPN Certs and Keys on a few hundred GXP2170’s.

I have OpenVPN installed on Asterisk based systems and am able to insert my OpenVPN configs and certs on GRP series phones by stuffing their “Version 2” XML files with the certs:


Works well.

The problem is, this trick doesn’t work on the GXP series (GXP2170 for example) as the config files are much simpler text ones. but the documents mention that they can retrieve the OpenVPN certificate/key files via HTTP or TFTP. But I’m not finding a clue where I can config those URL’s. P-Codes would be an awesome solution.



Found it… In the docs for a door phone.

and putting URL’s to the certs/keys in P9902, etc… worked.