GXP phone rosolving numbers while entering the digits


I have a case where the customer expects the same behaviour that he is used from other VOIP phones/PBX systems. He expects to get the number resolved as soon as it is entered. Lets say that we have John behind 100. As soon as 100 is entered it should be resolved as 100 John.

I did play around and the only way I can get this is if I enter the 100/John into the local directory. Is there any other way for the GXP phone to get this data from the UCM directly without the need for me to export the XML directory from the UCM and then import it on the GXP phone?


Dial plan, 1xx
But this is problematic as you will not able dial some number if they in such filter as phone will not allow you to finish number.


I wonder how the client likes his mobile phones then?


Don’t get me started. The customer in this case is migrating from a nonGS PBX system to a GS one. I’m at a point where most of the stuff is working but there are some minor things that are not the same…


How would a dial plan help? Trying to understand.


1XX means any number started from 1 and 2 extra digits will be dialed immediate.
when you end with “.” it will wait


Not on the phones. “.” is not valid. The + means that it will wait for additional digits or a “T” added at the end of the - 1XXT- means that it will wait 3 seconds and then dial.

Not sure how that plays well with the interdigit timeout, but they recently changed the plan to have the T


Damn, was to long ago when i used this.
Also if i remember when u use dial string without line pickup it will not dial until dial pressed.


So there is no way for a GS phone user to see number resolution prior to pressing the dial key?