GXP 21XX button mode bug from UCM template


Every UCM we have installed for the last 8 or 10 months now have an issue with the button mode when using a model template. I can go into the GUI of the phones and change it but if I update from zero config, the button returns to the incorrect mode type. It’s only the right hand side of the phones whether they are 2170s or 2135s. For instance, if the vmpk is set to “BLF” on the template, it becomes “default” on the button mode type for that key. What’s odd is that we have been selling and installing the UCMs for at least 5 years and never had this happen until just recently. It seems to be related to the firmware version on the phones themselves since new phones added to older existing UCMs in the field have this issue while the original phones do not. Anyone have any ideas?


There was an update to the GXP21XX templates which when used with the latter versions of firmware realigns everything correctly also assuming the UCM firmware is also updated. Go to the update template section of Zero-config and see if the updates show for the GXP21XX models.


make a txt backup of the phone with your modification, then redo the backup after the anomalous
You can easily compare online on sites like this: