GXP 2170 using alert header field to specify different ring tone?


Hello everyone. We have gxp2170 phones and use the ucm62xx PBX. Right now we use a calling queue to bring in outside calls and it would be really helpful to have a different ring tone than calls from internal phones. It looks like the call queues can put alert information about a ring tone in the header of a SIP INVITE

So if I can put this info in the invite, I am wondering how I can program the gxp2170 to then use this to select a different ring tone.

It looks like I can match a caller ID here

Any help is apperciated.




You can assign a different Ring Tone from the Inbound Route Page.

You can Also assign the Queue a Name and it will show on the 2170’s screen on an inbound call as well.


Thank you for pointing this out. I changed the alert info on the inbound route and my gxp2170 rang with the default ring tone.

I think that I need to change something in the gxp2170 so that it knows to act on the alert info header information. Also don’t I need to upload the different ring tones to the phone or are there standard ones?


There are standards. These will be the ones labeled as DR.


Thanks. So this is the standard one

But my phone’s ring tone is still at the default. :frowning:


TRY TO DO THE MATCH on the phone as it was suggested above, then if it works you manage it with zero config


Where do I set this in the phone settings? I can only find this


I don’t see where I would select Bellcore-dr2


the match at the bottom of the screen


The DR ones are standard and will not be available in the phone as a custom. If sent in the alert header it will automatically ring the associated DR tone. Try a different one and describe the route.


So I should put in Bellcore-dr2? or is there a different pattern/special pattern?



And if this is the case, then how would I pick the Bellcore-dr2 ringtone as it isn’t listed under the ringtone selections

Would it be the system Ringtone?


must fill the “matching rule” field, I wrote it above


No, there is no need to input anything if using DR.

By chance, do you have this setting enabled (yes)?-
Ignore Alert-Info header This option is used to configure default ringtone. If set to “Yes”, configured default ringtone will be played. The default setting is “No”.


Here is what I tried
Here is the inbound route

I saved and applied and still getting the default ring tone.

@lpneblett - Is this setting in the PBX? I checked the phone and ran through all the fields but could not find the word ignore. Could you point me to the right section?

Thank you very much


Found it!!!


It sounds like I might need to look at the sip header to see if the alert-info is getting in there…


Remove the matching rule in the phone. That is not needed and if you look, it is to match a caller id and bellcore is not a caller id.



Still no love :frowning:


It does say that the pattern for the ring in the alert pattern can be put in here, but I tried it both ways and it didn’t work