GXP 2170 Transfers


Hey all,

When my clients receive an inbound call to their phone system, they pick up and the caller states they need to be transferred to a different extension. Once that call is transferred to the next endpoint, when the user picks up their handset or hits the answer button, they hear a “busy" signal. On the callers side of things, they end up getting the users voicemail, even though the caller picked up the handset/pushed the answer button.

Anyone else experience this and find a solution?


I guess this depends to some degree on what PBX or hosted system is in play. You are leaving out the device that actually accommodates the transfer process.


I am using Free PBX: and Asterisk Version: 15.5.0 if that helps ring any bells.


can you do a wireshark capture?


So…we got this issue resolved. We ended up downgrading the firmware from to and their system is now working perfectly. Everyone at my company is using with no issues but I think, for what ever reason, their network did not like the firmware.


Did you try with It’s the latest official release and has a lot of bug fixes in it.


9.121 is latest.


As an aside, 1.0.9102 was withdrawn from the firmware site as there were a number of issues, but most having to do with codec issues. It was replaced quite quickly with the 108 version which as Marcin points out is now replaced with .121 and .127 is waiting in the wings as a Beta version.


I did not notice there was a new firmware. As I use 3CX, they only support 1 version.


Yes. I also use 3CX and yes, they are behind on firmware releases. I updated the 108 as 102 is definitely at issue.


I don’t have any issues with .102, what kind of issues do you have?


There’s a number of bugs fixed in 108 that were a real issue in 102. The main one was
which caused us real difficulty at several sites using 3CX. We’ve upgraded all 21xx handsets to 108 whether using 3CX, UCM or Yeastar