GXP 2170 Open VPN


Good Afternoon,

I’m looking to allow remote connectivity from a GXP2170 grandstream phone into a UCM6510 grandstream PBX.

It is my understanding that the phones have the ability to utilize Open VPN to establish that connectivity.

Does anyone have any resources in accomplishing this?


Open VPN allows the phone to connect to an OpenVPN server that you create separate from the system.
This is the admin guide for the 2170

the settings on the phone are located under Network–Openvpn


Thanks I have visited the Admin guide.

I have an OPEN VPN server established and I can have Windows PC connect too it without issue, however GXP2170 devices cannot.

Was hoping someone might have had success in establishing Open VPN connectivity with a GXP2170 and share how they were able to accompish that.

I understand where the settings in the GXP2170 are and where the 3 .crt files “SHOULD” go.

If anyone could shed any light about the process would be great.