GXP 2160: Multicast paging is heard by phone initiating the page, causing echoing



GXP-2160 running

Submitted as ticket 20140802150927 - can anyone else confirm this behaviour?

Scenario: MPK programmed as multicast paging, to an address + port that’s also being listened to in multicast paging setup. Pressing the MPK button, multicast paging starts, but the local phone also receives it. This causes echoing and also requires hitting the EndCall key twice to get back to idle state.

Expected behaviour: When initiating multicast paging, the local phone doesn’t respond to multicast traffic on the same IP + port as being transmitted on.


We are aware of the issue, and currently working on it. As of now, the sender of a multicast group cannot be a receiver for the same multicast group due to this limitation.



We encountered the same problem. Can you tell us when we could receive a patch for this? We like to receive this as soon as possible. thanks.

Multicast works. But there is a problem, when phone A pages phone B, since both of phone configured to listen on multicast address, phone A itself also receives its own page. This causes problem with a big echo that is almost unusable.


We do not have an exact date but it will be in one of our next firmware releases.

Problem with Multicast Paging -- paging phone also answers its own page

This is urgent. We are rolling these phones out and need to utilize the multicast page, but it is completely unusable. Even when the sending phone is not in the multicast group, if it is in the proximity of any other phones it creates a feedback echo…