GXP 2140s booting with wrong SIP server configured


I have a UCM6204 with some GXP2140s. I’ve been trying to provision them and assign them extensions but they will not cooperate. I checked all of the phones via webgui and their SIP and configuration server settings keep changing themselves to an invalid IP. I checked my network and nothing else is handing out IPs. I also made sure my DHCP server had no Option 66 or anything of the sort enabled but it still keeps happening. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.


Do you know if the device is provisioned in GAPS? Maybe in a 3rd party RPS like 3CX?


Also check zeroconfig. Something might be configured there.


I’ll check zero config again. Everything is provisioned through UCM’s zero config. I had provisioned 2 devices and it worked fine. But all other devices the next day wouldn’t updated. To clarify, the UCM sees them and shows them on zero config. But when I assign them an extension and send the notify to update, it never reached the phone so the phone just stays without an assigned account


Hey all, sorry for the delay in reply. I couldn’t figure out what was causing it and I had to get the phones working so I just factory reset the phones and pbx and it started working again. I have no idea what could have caused it but I couldnt waste anymore time.