GXP 2135 with Voyager 104 BlueTooth Headset- DO NOT BUY THIS HEADSET


I just purchased 10 Voyager 104 headsets. I have 10 GXP 2135s all on firmware (the current latest). These headsets are Bluetooth and are on the compatibility list for the 2135s. I have found out the hard way these ARE NOT COMPATIBLE and have a MAJOR FLAW. This is a small call center I bought these for and it does this on every single phone.

Randomly during a call the grandstream phone thinks the headset disconnects from Bluetooth and changes the phone to speaker mode all while the whole time the headset still works and you can hear the call out of it and still talk through it. I have duplicated this issue with 10 headsets on 10 phones.

There are only 3 Bluetooth settings in these phones none of which make any difference to this issue. This is a warning as I cannot return these headsets and am out almost 1k. Thanks grandstream for your extensive testing.


i wonder if there is a headset density limit, where you are receiving interference from the other headsets and or Wifi plus bluetooth plus any smart phone present. Quite a busy environment.



Also how many other BT devices are there, mice? Keyboards? Might be some very busy RF channels.


I was able to replicate the issue at my home on my test UCM and 2135. I have not a single Bluetooth device at my house besides the headset and just a cell phone and wifi. Very doubtful its density.


Only Bluetooth devices are these headsets in the office. Wired Mice and keyboards. Each call center rep has their cell phone at their desk.

Its a small office. The average house has more RF interference than this office.


Actually, this seems to be a problem with the grandstream phones. We have the GXP2170, and have tried several (5 models at least) different bluetooth headesets. They all developed this issue eventually, on all our base units. We’ve tried a firmware update that was supposed to fix this, but no luck. I did notice the bluetooth on these is v2.1. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but it seems outdated considering currently bluetooth is sitting around v5.


2170/2135 is an ‘older’ device so there won’t likely be any BT upgrades hardware wise. The GS Datasheet on the GRP2615 (very similar to 2170) only shows “Yes, Integrated”, and I could find nothing in any of the phone’s web interface nor through screens on the phone that state the BT hardware version. Also couldnt find any status on 2135 I have here that shows BT version.

Has Grandstream tech support been any help through their ticketing interface? (Damiano70 posted the link above), I’d definitely be interested in hearing if they are looking into the BT issues.


I gave up, its a waste of energy. I bought yealinks headsets that say they work with gxp 21xx series that have the base station and don’t work via bluetooth to the phone.