GXP-2135 Change Password not accepting default admin


I have provisioned many of these phones, so not really new at this.

We have our phones boot up and hit the Grandstream GAPS server, then bounce to our provisioning server to grab the encrypted config file.

Today we had a device that just wouldn’t pull the file from our server and provision itself. I did a factory reset on the phone, then logged into the web gui directly on the phone. I used the default admin/admin to login then was prompted with the standard change password form where it ask for the current password and the new password. I entered admin for the current password and it keeps telling me that the current password is wrong! What! I just logged in with admin but now you are telling me it’s wrong???!!!

I did this over and over with no difference in results, I cleared cache, closed and re-opened browser and still the same results. Can’t get past the change password screen yet it always lets me login with admin/admin.

Any ideas?


I’m fuzzy on the details but, I seem to recall that happening with an uncooperative phone. I believe I was able to get it working after I pushed a config using zero config.

Not sure if you have a UCM. If you do, setup a template with the admin password and try to push it out to the phone.


You sure you do not change pass in GAPS or your config ?