GXP 2135 / 2170 "frozen" after adding Virtual Multi-Purpose Key No. 6


I found a strange issue: I’ve programmed the Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys on the GXP 2170 all with Busy Lamp Fields. In this case I’ve added 12 BLF for 12 different Extensions. After doing this I realized that is was not possible to do a call anymore. When it is ringing and I pick up the phone - nothing happens. When I press one of the BLF keys, nothing happens. I pick up to dial a number - nothing happens. If I call the phone with another extension (internal call) I can see the BLF of the phone calling me becoming red but no ringing.

After some testing I realized that this happens as soon as I add any function to the VMP key no. 6. It does not matter what I add here. BLF, Speed Dial, DND… as soon as the key no. 6 is not free anymore the phone will stop working. On the other hand as soon as I reset key no. 6 it works.

Next I realized that there is another problem related to this: As soon as you use VMP key no. 5 you cannot use the “conference feature” (the conference key on the phone, not the call feature of the PBX) anymore. It is not possible to hold one call and call another extension or phonenumber.

So at the moment I need to keep no. 5 and no. 6 without function in order to use the phone.

STRANGE, isn’t it?
Anybody with the same problem or an idea?


Without line you cannot call, so it is normal.
If you do not switch VPK to account mode you can have 1 call per 1 line set.

Rest are normal, you MUST have at least 1 line for account.


Hi Marcin! Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to add that the same issue occurs with GXP 2135 and key 3 and 4.
For me it is hard to understand because those are softkeys so the lines could be set to the second page as well.
I did not quite understand your “Key Mode” hint. I’ve found it on the GXP in Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys Settings but I do not really understand. Changing to “Account mode” lets the phone unregister.


Hi Covos,
I have the same issue and have not figured it out… Here’s my thread:

I’ll be watching your thread as well for a solution. Hoping for a fix.


It same problem, YOU MUST HAVE 1 LINE no matter what.
As soon you remove it no calls received/called can be done.
It is BY DESIGN (don’t ask me why, it should be possible to do without any line signed to button)…


Hi Leonhard, you need call pathways on the telephone, use the first 2 x VPMK as the extension account, and program the rest as what ever you need.

This is not a bug, just not written down that you should not do it… It is the old saying, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!