GXP 1625 SIP Account auto reset issue


I am facing SIP Account setting reset issue with some of GRANDSTREAM GXP 1625 phones at one of our client site.


  • Some working IP Phone’s account settings are getting reset. It happens on random bases and on random phones. It happens on multiple phones at a time.

  • Whenever this issue occurs, all the account details of that phones are getting cleared automatically. It needs to reconfigure all the SIP account details. After reconfiguration it works fine. But this issue occurs frequently with random phones.


  • We have checked the phone’s firmware on which issue reported and we have also tried upgrading the firmware of that phone but issue still remains same.(Previous Firmware Upgraded Firmware Please note that, this issue occurs on random phones at a time which have different firmwares.

  • We have checked all the settings on that phone related to SIP Configurations, like Unregistered on reboot. Tried rebooting the phone after changing the settings, but still no luck.


This can be related to config file.


phones registered to what?
local or remote?
configured correctly?


Hate to say it, but could someone be playing with the phone settings in the office (or via remote access)? Have you changed the default password on the phone?


what is in the config server setting?


Phones are registered to local SIP server and configured correctly.


Sorry, cannot help. The question was asked as to what PBX and to what config server and as you have indicated nothing more than they are configured correctly we have nothing to go on. As the phones work with other makes of systems (3CX, UCM, Xorcom, et.al., I can only proffer checking the configuration server settings in teh maintenance section as something somewhere is not right.