GXP 1625 Off-hook Auto Dial after timout


Is there any possibility to configure Off-hook auto dial number but after defined timeout? So user could have time to dial some number manualy and after for example 10 seconds phone will dial defined number automaticly.
I have GXP1625 with FW Version, so If some newer FW could do thing like that or if another basic IP phone have function like that.
Thank you.
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Tomas Haluza


No, but you can dial number first and then pick up handset, it should go to dialed number not off-hook. (not tested)


It’s good to find out that “Off-hook Auto Dial Delay” is part of functions of new firmware now -


The manual indicates -

However, I do not know if manual dialing during the delay is allowed or what happens when the delay has expired and a call is already in progress and the auto-dial comes into play.


I already tested it and If you set up Off Hook Auto Dial Delay for example to 10 s, you have 10s to start another dial and this dialing has higher priority then Off Hook Auto Dial. Even if I set Delay for 2s and just start dialing number which Im not able to dial in two seconds it still stops Auto Dial function.


Good to know…thanks.