GXP-1625 BLF option for line keys isn't there


I’m currently running the latest non-beta firmware. I have used several browsers and have even tried downgrading to the 2 previous firmware versions and tried several different browsers once again to no avail.

According to this doc all 16xx phones should have BLF functionality on the line keys.


You need two line keys to be able to transfer calls and receive a 2nd call. For that reason you shouldn’t change the first two line keys on any phone to an unusable line state.

I don’t know if that is why it isn’t there, but that’s my 2 cents.


It appears that the document you referenced is in error about the functionality. The spec sheet makes no reference to BLF functionality for the 1625; yet it does for the higher end model 1628 &1630. I also checked the FW release notes thinking that perhaps at one point the function may have been there as while I have a number of these installed, I have never noticed such…but then I use them as line keys as Lucas indicates. In any event, I found no reference to the function having ever having been there or reference to its subsequent removal.

I can only suggest submitting a ticket to support or returning (hopefully) and getting a model that meets the need.


I was hoping to use the 2nd line key for a general voicemail button that also indicated when there are messages waiting. Oh well, I’ll just have to deal with it only being a regular VM button.

I wasn’t concerned about that feature at the time of purchase and these units are well past any return period.


I confirm you that on GXP1625 you can not use LEDs like BLF