Gxp 1615 unavailable in Extensions



i have gxp1615 Version show unavailable in Extensions but already showed in zero config
the server ucm 6510 last version


While the issue is not stated, I assume that you are not able to make calls?

The extension presence is what is important as zero-config does not show its availability but rather shows the IP and config of when it saw the extension last and issued the config.

If the extension is not showing as green in the extension tab, then the extension is not currently known to the PBX and it will not be able to call.


yes i cant make call the issue only in Extensions show unavailable what i should to do


Look in the blacklist and see if the extension IP is there. If so, then check the credentials of the phone and insure they are correct and then delist the IP and see.


blacklist list empty there no any number there


If not in the blacklist and not registered, then you need to check and see if the phone has an IP and connected to the network. If so, then you need to check the settings and credentials in the phone by logging into the phone GUI.,


need to know what settings and credentials should to put because by default i didnt change there any thing just i put static ip in the network and i can see the phone in Zero Config


So, is the phone connected and with an IP?


yes connect with static ip and show in config zero but show in extensions as unavailable


So you can reach the web page of the extension?


yes i can reach web page for the phone by browser but not show in extension