GXB3275--how can I send an invite to it?



Hello all,

I tried using my GXV3275 IP phone with the app to do a test.
I think the GXV3275 has a built in IPVideoTalk line, but I couldn’t get the phone to ‘receive’ the invite from the IPVideoTalk portal.
How does one do that? I did actually download the IPVideoTalk app to the desk phone, and it worked (although the video appeared upside down in the browser on my laptop due to no landscape/portrait control in the app itself). But using the app on that phone with the out of the box account configuration kind of defeats the purpose of having it native on the phone.
Any advice so I can get it working?


Acocunt in phone is not same IPVT, they have same name, but this are different services.


2 different products… same name…???

Who got fired over this is what I want to know. :stuck_out_tongue: