GWX410X Stage 1 dialing


I’ve been bashing my head against an issue with stage 1 dialing through the GWX410X. I set up the registration and everything on the GWX410X as a peer, but I can’t get the GWX to dial out and I see this in the syslogs
868 cm_utility.c Port: 0 Sess: 0, gw(st: 3, sigTmr: 0, s1pCid: 36), sipSt: 4, cccSt: 1, fxo(cs: 0, FAS: 0), ln#: 1219, reason: 403

and I think that is where it stops but it does do FXO stuff afterwards.

FXO: Port: 0 Initiate Hang-Up, From: 897 06/12 08:29:33.928
LEC_FXO: Port: 0 Disable. 06/12 08:29:33.928
531 cm_control.c Sess: 0 Teardown call (st:4 est’d:0), cc st:1 , acct:0, reason#:119, ln#:926 06
FXO: Port: 0 Processing (Off-Hook), From: 777 , GWSt: 9 06/12 08:29:33.930
fxo_ctl.c Port: 0 APP: app_State:last_fxo_call_status (9:0) 06/12 08:29:33.931
FXO: Port: 0 Set State to: Settling, From: 352 06/12 08:29:33.932

Inbound works perfectly, but I can’t get one stage outbound dialing working as a peer.

I have tried changing the dial plan, I’ve messed with the threshholds as I saw being the issue. I am using a Grandstream UCM6208 in conjuncture with this. All I want is the UCM to call the GWX and the GWX to pick up a line and dial out. I do not want the end user to call an extension or to dial a prefix. I want it to be a smooth call out with minimum impact to the user.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My configuration


Turn off Wait for Dial Tone. This will force GXW to dial number.


Thanks Marcin for the reply, I appreciate any help. I just changed that to N and I get “The call was rejected by the server” still after it was rebooted.


Did you run auto detect test for pstn lines ?


I did, but I honestly can’t say if it did anything. I got the results but when I selected “Apply Test results” yes it didn’t seem to change anything, I even set settings incorrectly to see if it changed things and it didn’t. I’m not sure if I did something wrong with that or not.


You need set all, save and REBOOT unit.
Then start test. You will see result on channel for sure as there iwll be change in dial tone etc.


Thank you, I will give it another try soon and see if it does anything.


Thanks for the help, turned out my trunk to the GWX410X was set up incorrectly. I had set TEL URI to Enabled in my UCM for the trunk, which caused the issue.