GWX40X outbound calls displaying same number?


Hello I’m running FreePBX with a Grandstream GWX40X Fxo gateway. I was wondering if there is any chance I can set the outbound caller ID to display all the same number is that possible?



No. The provider controls the CID on an analog line. You can ask them to mask the CID so that they are all the same and they should be able to accommodate.


Verizon said they can not do that.



It seems odd that they cannot do. I can’t envision that a company with a number of analog lines is forced to broadcast a different CID just because a line other than the main line is used.

I would go back and try to re-explain the need as perhaps the person you spoke with was not understanding.

However, if it does end up being the case, then your only options are to either learn to live with it or find a new provider be it one that is analog or SIP or cable.


Hello Ipneblett. Thank you for the reply back. We are looking into switching. One of my friends uses sipstation which is half the cost then what paying now. So I’m looking into it right now.