GWN7800 switch and embedded GWN controller


The product page for the GWN7800 series of switches indicates that management options include an “embedded controller” which “can auto discovery and auto-provision any in-network GWN series networking product which also offers a centralized provisioning and management interface.”

I purchased a GWN7801P switch + GWN7661 access points and expected to use the switch as an SDN controller for all 3. However, I haven’t seen any reference to using the switch as a controller in either the web based configuration interfaces or in the product manuals. Can someone point me at an explanation of how to turn this feature on and/or how the access points are expected to be adopted into a network with an embedded controller? All the configuration screens and documentation I see seems to assume that it’s either GWN Cloud or an otherwise dedicated GWN Manager instance, as if the embedded controller option doesn’t exist.


This future work only on routers (not sure that switches are supported). cloud or virtual machine.
Thats all.


Thanks for the answer. Any idea why the product page and data sheet says otherwise?


This is not the question I can answered :wink:

  1. you read the instructions.
  2. you register on the GDMS cloud site.


The embedded controller is supposed to be built into the device, and is an alternative to using the cloud management.


you can use switch as stand laone devices, without controller.


I understand this. I bought other devices with the switch as well. I realize I can log into each device individually as a stand alone device, but this defeats the purpose of using a controller that unifies everything on one SDN.


you can use and add GWN7800 and GWN7661 to the cloud and manage them via the cloud, no local controller is required