GWN76XX backup file restore fails


I wanted to tell my experience on A.P. GWN76XX,
the restore seems to be successful if I import the same file created by the same GWN.

But that’s not enough, a backup is a very important thing and it must be possible to import it on a new GWN76XX, for example if a GWN76xx fails I must be able to easily import the backup file, otherwise the backup is useless and the end customer would remain stationary. for a long time.

This is my experience on different GWNs and all with updated FW:

  • import of the same backup file on the same GWN -> OK
  • importing the backup file of the same GWN model -> FAILS
  • importing the backup file to another GWN model -> FAILS

An explanation could be the different MAC (obviously if I replace a GWN I will always have a different MAC), the backup file is encrypted, therefore not inspectable / editable.

Therefore an official reply from Grandstream is urgently needed (in the meantime I have opened a ticket),
imagine you have an end customer with 30 A.P. GWN, an A.P. master (which has many difficult settings), and you have to change the GWN, at which point the restore of the backup file fails,
the customer disassembles the 30 GWNs and sends them back to your home, possibly with a request for damage.

In all of this I hope I am doing something wrong and I await an answer from Grandstream for the correct recovery procedure,

hi @GS.Jimmy can you please handle this question?


p.s.; in the previous fw it was possible to open the backup file, change from the old MAC to the new MAC, in order to import the backup file to another GWN, I find it strange that now there is no similar procedure or in any case a solution.


That is why you should have failover AP configured. If master fails, you would promote failover to master and problem solved. Then you replace failed device with spare. Just do not forget to have new failover set up.


this is clear, but the problem is far from it.

The backup is called backup if it can be easily restored, otherwise it is useless.

Suppose you have only one GWN, then backup this GWN,
this GWN breaks down and you go with a new GWN and you cannot restore it (try and you will see that it gives you an error), tell me what you need the backup for?

In my opinion in the recovery phase, a MAC check takes place, and obviously being different it fails,
there must be a way to restore a backup to another GWN with another MAC.
We are talking about a professional product, and not a piece of plastic.

Through ticket they replied “you can restore the backup file to any GWN”, and this is not true. So I have invited them to restore the backup to another GWN, they will realize that it is not possible and maybe (I hope) they will understand the real problem.


I understand and agree with you. I told you how I handle things. I never used backup file to recover AP so I do not know if it works or not. I will test it and let you know.

Btw, are both APs same firmware version?


yes, fw update



through Ticket they confirmed my suspicions, the backup file of a GWN can only be restored on the same GWN where the backup file was created.
In practice, the backup file is encrypted, and during the restoration phase it performs a match on the MAC of the GWN.
If the MAC match does not match, the backup restore fails,
in short, the backup file is useless.

Complex example scenario:
1 only GWN set with 10 SSIDs, special settings, vouchers and other “special” settings, in case of failure the backup file is useless (as it will be necessary to change the GWN and consequently the MAC will be different.

It is absurd that a Professional product does not provide a reliable and usable backup, any other vendor I know has solved this problem.

moreover, GWN Cloud does not provide the possibility of making a backup, so this cannot be considered a solution.

Therefore, as previously asked to @GS.Jimmy I ask Grandstream for explanations on the solution to the problem.



Is that 10 SSID’s over one radio?
Have you considered using the GWN cloud for administering the AP?


just read what I have already written


GWN Cloud does not provide the possibility of making a backup

Is that necessary?

Complex example scenario

So this is not a real life scenario?

just read what I have already written

Please don’t get offended…just trying to help


thank you for your help but if I write things down and you don’t read them, we waste time in 2 :wink:


Run your own gwn manager then. You can take backups of the full config or if its a VM you can get snapshots.

While I do think the process can be improved, there are other valid options.


as I have already written above it is not possible to do this, and Grandstream via ticket confirmed it,
but if you have other solutions they are welcome


With GWn manager you can push any settings to new GWN. Of course you need add new gwn manually to all ssid.


in fact, so it is not a professional solution, the backup file is the only sure and reliable solution


Not really, backup is good for personal. Professional level need easy way to program a lot device not with backup. So best would be “template” for any AP.


Call it what you like, for convenience I call it backup, and today it is not possible.


I think we all agree on that.

I have been a MikroTik user for quite some time, I absolutely love the import/export option of a devices configuration. Might be worth for Grandstream to introduce such a “backup”.