GWN7664 - how does port aggregation work?


The GWN7664 has 2 eth ports, a 2.5GB and a 1GB respectively. The AP supports port aggregation, and in the official site it is stated 3.55Gbps aggregate wireless throughput, 3.5Gbps aggregate wired throughput. So one may think that it may be possible to aggregate the throughput of the 2 ports since 2.5G+1G=3.5G.
If i am not making a really silly mistake though, the protocol 802.3ad does not work this way. The speed of both links must be the same. So how the hell am I suppose to reach 3.5Gbps?


ti conviene contattare l’Assistenza Grandstream:


Yes I noticed that page but imho it does not make sense because of what I wrote in the OP. The protocol doesn’t work that way, I’ll try to contact support and then post the reply here


I do not see any reference to or think that they are suggesting port/link aggregation. I think they are simply stating that the device has two interfaces and when the speed of both are taken into account, the total available (aggregate) throughput can be up to 3.5. In my opinion this is not to imply that the two links comprise a LAG. But I do see how the statement can lead one to think it might.

It will interesting to see what the Support response is.


Well actually they are implying LACP, look at the official KB url that was posted above:


Well heck, not implying at all, but actually indicating it. Wonder if proprietary? Also a search of the manual using the term “aggregate” only indicates 1 instance and it does not make reference to the setting as seen in the link you provided. :

I stand corrected.

Also of note, is this tidbit -

Ensure that the switch is enabled for it.


Yeah, the only possible explanation is that it has to be something proprietary, even though it is not stated anywhere. This is really misleading information. I’ll keep the forum up-to-date with the helpdesk reply


The new GWN780X-switches have the possibility to create this LAG.
Great thing if it works. If I had a 7664 I could test it and tell to you.
Perhaps anybody else has both devices can do that and tell us?


This looks like the standard LAG protocol to me…
BTW I tested the LACP by connecting the AP to 2 1G ports and it works so it doesn’t seem a proprietary implementation. I am still waiting for the helpdesk answer


Regarding my previous inquiry, I reached out to Grandstream helpdesk but their support was basically useless. I had two simple questions about achieving the ‘3.5Gbps aggregate wired throughput’ as advertised on their website, and how link aggregation works since it seems to be the only way to achieve the desired throughput but the standard does not let you aggregate 2 ports with different speed.

However, the support team informed me that the AP currently only supports static LAG and not LACP, which does not address both of my questions and also suggests that their documentation is inaccurate.
I attempted to persist in obtaining concrete answers but I was unable to receive any, so I eventually gave up.