GWN7660 - Making use of 2nd NET port


I’ve been trying to find out how to make use of the 2nd (NET) port on the GWN7660 WiFi 6 AP, but can’t find any information on it.

If I connect both ETH ported (the main POE/NET port and the 2nd NET only port) to a flat/non-managed switch I’ll loose connectivity to the AP. Connecting to only the POE/NET port works.

What I’d really like to do is to be able to use both ETH/NET ports connected to the same layer 2 network (i.e. same LAN segment) and use it to load-share and load-balance WiFi client traffic on both the links - is that possible?

Thank you.


Though being interested in the answer, is a single ethernet port currently limiting the throughput?


It does not support port aggregation, if this is your goal.


You can use it to connect another device, like another AP, camera, etc but it does not do passthrough Poe. You have options for trunk or access for the port. Trunk will pass though traffic untouched while the access option allows you to set a specific vlan ID. This will allow you to have the device connected to the second port be a part of a specific vlan without already tagging the traffic.

There is a open issue where if the port is set to access with the same vlan of an ssid, then wireless devices connected to that ap/ssid cannot communicate with the device connected on the second port.


Thank you for your reply. So, in a way then the 2nd (NET) port is only a “downlink” port from the perspective of the AP, rather than allowing it to be used in conjunction with the1st POE/NET port to allow the AP to have dual uplinks using LAG/LACP/Ether-Channel etc then, is that correct?


Actually, no, it is not - not yet at the moment anyway as I don’t have a lot of devices that are using the AP yet. I’m just curious as to whether I could use it as some kind of Link Aggregation port - seemed like the answer is no.


Oops didn’t see you reply earlier and I’ve clarified and asked below - but yes I was after the Link Aggregation function for the 2nd port.

As an aside (let me know if I should start a new topic) - if I were to use the 2nd NET port to connect to a switch, do I need to reconfigure the AP/SSID and enable the “Client Bridge Support” function? And if so can that SSID on the AP still be used to serve WiFi clients, or would it then only become an “uplink only SSID” on the AP?


It isn’t for link aggregation, etc. - only for another wired device to gain access to the network


Thanks - got it.


I use (GWN7605) Port1 just for PoE (Inijector). Port2 (With VLANs on) is connected with a trunk to a GWN7000 port. N VLANs, N SSIDs. I need this as i got an old inijector.
So, it works, but i never tryied to test them togheter (With VLANs, etc…).


I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply. Thanks in advance.


any plans to utilize it going forward for link aggregation and improving overall speeds?


any plans to utilize it going forward for link aggregation and improving overall speeds?