GWN7660 - GWN.Cloud Issues


3 GWN7660 APs show online in the dashboard. The APs function serving wireless on the SSID.

Access Points >Status - 0 online, “no data” - however, at times the 3 APs will show
Access Points >Configuration - “no data” - if I try to add the MAC of an AP, error message "This AP has already been added to … network. Again, sometimes the APs show.
SSIDs - SSID is listed there and broadcasts - always listed, never disappears with “no data.”

Anyone experienced this and resolved?

Firmware is on all 3 APs. All 3 APs have local IPs, online for 3.5+ days.

Yes, I have a ticket open but stopped getting responses as I don’t think support has an answer. I provided screenshots of the no data / when there is data.


To summarize:
Accesspoints work without problems, only the management is giving problems.

How are the accesspoints connected to Internet?
Any interruptions involved/logged?
Any VLAN’s involved?


Anyone experienced this and resolved? Firmware is 1.0. 23.6 on all 3 APs. All 3 APs have local IPs, online for 3.5+ days.the GWN.Cloud. • Built-in Controller: The 192.168.l.254 GWN7660 can manage up to 50 local GWN series access points. Client Configuration. The way wireless clients access …How to configure Grandstream GWN7600 series WiFi access points with The GWN7660 is also supported by GWN . Cloud , Grandstream’s free cloud Wi-Fi management platform. It is the ideal Wi-Fi AP for voice-over-Wi-Fi deployments …


Things seem to have settled down and started to function normally - no changes on my end.

How are the access points connected to Internet? - unmanaged PoE switch
Any interruptions involved/logged? none
Any VLAN’s involved? no