GWN7660: Grandstream´s first 802.11ax access point


I am not able too from or locally controlled. Those channels are available on the ac units, maybe it will be added to the 7660 in a firmware update.


Glad to hear, support has already access on my GWN7660 to have a look.


Have you already created a ticket at for reporting the problem with the channels?


Yes I did, turns out that it will become available in future firmware updates.


Just wondering if you received your WiFi 6 desktop adapter and if you noticed much of a speed boost?


So I received our first GWN7660 units. Changing the country to Germany doesn’t help getting DFS channels. Let’s see If I find some other countries with more enabled channels. I created a ticket at, aswell.


Looking forward to those new 802.11ax access points. Screenshot is from GWN Manager:


Anyone knows more about the GWN7664/GWN7664LR?


Great. Directional antenna or dish for 7664LR please.