GWN7660: Grandstream´s first 802.11ax access point



so I scrolled the video What’s Coming to Grandstream in 2021 and discovered the GWN7660 access point (802.11ax, 2x2:2) which is said to be released sometime in year 2021.

  • I´m curious which chipset is being used? Mediatek MT7921A(N) or something else?
  • What is the current state of this access point? Will there be the possibility to take part in a beta program? …
  • When will it be probably released? Are we talking about the first or the second half of 2021? Does anyone know more?


As FCC information is now available at I can answer my questions:

  • GWN7660 uses IPQ6000 SoC and therefore is the successor of GWN7600 (IPQ4018)
  • According to the latest Grandstream webinar it looks Like it might be available in May 2021.

Looking forward to it!


Has anyone heard more about this AP? I am in need of some wifi 6 APs for a new deployment but I still don’t see the GWN7660 anywhere on the US site.


GWN7660 and GWN7660LR might be available in June:


Any info about price?


It seems roughly 120 to 130$ plus taxes for the GWN7660. Availability: end of June 2021


That´s a typo for 2.4GHZ at the GWN7660, correct? => It supports 2x2:2 MU-MIMO not 2x2:2 MIMO, right?
Maximum power consumption is 9W, really? So, I could use my existing 802.3af for powering the GWN7660 at full power?


So it has arrived:


Any tips on pre-order in the Netherlands (or the EU)?
Would love to get my hands on this device!


You might try

My distributor in DE says:


Thanks Kris!


Got my first 7660s in today. Set up on was super easy just like the other models. Updated to latest firmware. Units are a little smaller than the 7630, size of the 7600. Connecting at 866Mbps with my phone, I have a WIFI 6 adapter coming in for laptop to see how it does. So far though working without issues.


Installed WiFi 6 adapter and laptop now connects at 1.2 Gbps. If anyone is interested I used this adapter.

Network browsing is much faster, feels like going from a 100mb wired connection to 1gb connection.


Interesting, what single client maximum throughput do you achieve with the GWN7660? Have you done some iperf3 or copy download/upload benchmarks, yet?


I will try and get some benchmarks done over next few days.


Just installed mine, herewith some findings:

  • only supports non DFS channels if country is set to “Netherlands”

  • when set to “United States”, channel 36 and 149 are available (when bandwidth is set to 80MHz)

  • firmware is can’t be upgraded [update] Ok, version just showed up…didn’t help with the channels…

  • First speedtest (Samsung S10 +) look very promising, will do some benchmarking later

It replaced a GWN7630, glad it is smaller!


I’m looking forward to your benchmarks. It would be great to see a throughput comparison between GWN7660 and GWN7630:

  • 2.4GHz: Samsung S10+ and GWN7660
  • 2.4GHz: Samsung S10+ and GWN7630
  • 5 GHz: Samsung S10+ and GWN7660
  • 5 GHz: Samsung S10+ and GWN7630


Here are some quick data copy benchmarks I did. All APs were connected to same network switch and copied 2 different files stored on synology nas to my laptop. Used latest firmware available for each model. Used default settings for all APs and only kept one powered up at a time during test. Test done within 5’ of APs. Connected at 5Ghz.

Time to copy 1.53GB quickbooks backup file from 7660. Speed varied from 961Mbps to 1.2Gbps during test
Ran test 5 times 34.82, 19.95, 20.34, 20.01, 19.05secs

Time to copy 1.53GB quickbooks backup file from 7630. Speed stayed constant at 866.7Mbps
Ran test 5 times 31.48, 27.95, 26.32, 26.06, 27.28secs

Time to copy 1.53GB quickbooks backup file from 7605LR. Speed stayed constant at 866.7Mbps
Ran test 5 times 36.77, 42.22, 26.76, 41.75, 46.58secs

Time to copy 4.58GB ISO from 7660. Speed varied from 961Mbps to 1.2Gbps during test
Ran test 3 times 52.44, 53.21, 54.70secs

Time to copy 4.58GB ISO from 7630. Speed stayed constant at 866.7Mbps
Ran test 3 times 1:17.96, 1:17.25, 1:16.01secs

Time to copy 4.58GB ISO from 7605LR. Speed stayed constant at 866.7Mbps
Ran test 3 times 1:18.12, 1:52.93, 1:17.70secs

Doing same test from wired desktop connection for comparison, 1Gb link
Time to copy 1.53GB quickbooks backup file
16.89, 16.08, 16.88secs
Time to copy 4.58GB ISO
50.56, 51.01, 53.67secs

When it comes to copying larger files the GWN7660 gets very close to wired speed. Not sure if wireless adapter in laptop causes the speed fluctuation when connected to the 7660, my laptop connection stayed solid at 866Mbps when connected to the 7630 or 7605. Be interested if anyone else gets varied speeds when right next to AP. I have ordered a PCIe Wifi 6 adapter for my desktop and will test again when it arrives.

The 7660 gets kind of hot. Not bad but defiantly hotter then the 7630. I do not think it’s an issue but I did notice.


Thank you for the test results!


@zak706, are you able to select one of the UNII-2 channels? For some reason I can’t select any from the cloud manager.