GWN7630 - Vlan tagging issues FW


I don’t know which fw you are talking about, have you seen the new beta released a few days ago?


the Date on the release notes for says 11/23/2020 - and I guess I fell victim to the combined release notes again. my screen scrolled down beyond the first release to the release before that - to see the 11/23 date. so the beta was actually only released on 12/23/2020.


Well, I think you are refering to releae (

• Fixed a bug causes packet random drops on SSID with VLAN tag


@kmb rightly follows the advice of GS in combining the fw A.P. GWN based on the GWN7000 FW, I would try to update the A.P. at the last FW


I appoligize! I thought I had updated this thread with what I ended up doing to resolve this issue. I did upgraded to the latest version of the firmware and the bug that I reported back when I first started this thread was fixed in that release. version does correct the issue with packets arriving at the router without the proper tags. Everything is working exactly as it is designed!!!