GWN7630 or Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro AP


Hi there,

I am looking at replacing an aging Apple Airport Extreme and am considering either Unifi or Grandstream for a new access point. I want to segregate my Internet of Things devices, guest network + have the ability to monitor device usage and (service,app,netflix,etc usage).

I can’t seem to find much online for reviews for Grandstream and wanted your advice and opinions on these access points for a home environment.




The AP’s work very well in a home environment and in some ways are overkill. Bandwidth limitation and reporting can be performed if I remember correctly so can guest network and isolation. it is all about programming and how much knowledge you have in IT in general IOT.


I have 3 grand stream Access points, two GWN7610 and one GWN7600LR. The indoor ones are strategically positioned in the house, roof mounted and POE and the LR is on top of the roof, my property is 3 acres. I have 40 something wifi devices connected to the network, mainly light switches and pool pumps, lights, tv’s etc. I do not have an issue, I can be 200 meters outside away from the LR and I still get good signal. They do not need rebooting etc. and so far I’m mega happy with the setup

I also have the Grandstream Router, I think the ubiquity stuff is better in that department but the grand stream can be powered by POE which is why I got it. The problem with the Grandstream router is that you can’t use it as a AP controller as advertised as it don’t support the TLS version supported by the AP’s …

I have two networks, one private one for guests and I don’t route traffic between them, the guest network can have client segregation so clients can’t see each other as well but this will not allow a guest to stream to a wifi speaker or airplay device so turn it on at your peril

The AP’s support multiple VLANs and multiple SSIDS per VLAN so you won’t have issues there, I would not hesitate to recommend Grandstream access points to anyone, even Cisco fanatics.


try Mikrotik - you can do geo-ip blocking


Thank you everyone for your replies! I have an Edgerouter - would that play nicely with the GWN7630? Also, is Grandstream on par or better than Ubiquiti in regards to features, reliability, reporting dashboard (usage levels for each client with packet inspection)?

Is there a guest login page for people to login to wifi?


you can’t compare 2 products with completely different prices, moreover I talked to computer scientists who only install Ubiquiti and they were satisfied to see GS working


Thank you for your reply. The prices for the Uniquiti AC Pro is slightly higher than the GWN7630 here in Canada. The specs of the Grandstream looks really good (some features on par or better than the AC Pro).

What I am wondering is, If I go the Grandstream route - is the GWN7630 a quality replacement or alternative in comparison to the AC Pro?


I can’t answer with certainty, keep in mind that a.p. GS have existed for 2-3 years, Ubiquiti I believe for much longer.


Thank you - I’m looking for a product that will be reliable over the years and provides good coverage, 1 ap per floor in a 1400 sq ft bungalow.
Think UniFi is a better choice than Grandstream?


You get better coverage with Grandstream Ap’s than Unifi ones. Get the new 7630’s with wave 2 WiFi and cloud management and you won’t look back.


@Telefonix Thank you. I’ve been on the fence between UniFi vs Grandstream. I think I’ll pick up one of the Grandstream 7630. They were just released recently?

They have all the same feature set as the UniFi aps?


Get the one that looks better.


@scottsip thanks for the info, I have tested their hEX S and it’s fantastic, I actually got the hEX S and the SXT LTE Cat 6 kit, comparing the GWN700 to the hEX is not even fair. I will test it for another month then replace about 40 GWN7000’s with hEX S’s for all the remote offices. I’m also testing their AP’s and if I like them over the next 5 months over 200 GW AP’s will be replaced as well. I think I have had enough with Grandstream slow support and abysmal router performance.

thanks again for the info


Hi jstuck,

yes, I can confirm full options with an Edgerouter ER4 and three GWN7630. Works flawless. You even can configure a separate captive page for one or more guest logins (with own greeting page and different login options (pwd, radius, social media). The UniFi series is more dedicated to a “overall concept” for generic users but you are locked in to Ubiquiti UniFi. That’s no fault at all but I prefer to have the most flexibilty and to combine best of both worlds (Edgerouter with GWN instead of UniFi router, UniFi controller and AP Pro). Note you have to supply the APs by PoE injectors (single or multi channel units) or a PoE capable switch (which needs to have VLAN as well).

Just my 2 cents.


@david.peters Regarding MikroTik, I leave them because of their bad IEEE 802.11ac products, i.e.

  • MikroTik writes their own wireless drivers, they don´t use existing ones from vendors/from Linux kernel. This driver is years behind from what you expect from any other noname vendor. There is no MU-MIMO, no 802.11r, no 802.11k, no 802.11v, no Airtime Fairness and bad performance in higher density situations. So avoid buying 802.11ac based access points, e.g.: cAP ac or hAP ac².

  • For home routing/vpn, i.e. EoIP tunnel or 60 GHz P2P, MikrotIk works, no issue here.


it seems strange to me you speak ill of Mikrotik, any technician I know and many reviews on the web speak well of Mikrotik, so I consider your personal impression.
Anyway we are on a GS forum, and I don’t find it correct to speak badly about other manufacturers.

  1. I talked about the disappointing quality of MikroTik´s 802.11ac devices not about Mikrotik company.Take a look at MikroTik´s forum, where not only me complains about 802.11ac wireless. We own <1000 MikroTik 802.11ac access points on Mikrotik´s CAPMAN based controller and had too much trouble with them.

  2. Mikrotik RB750gr3, RB4011, wAP 60G? That´s another topic: Great devices, no problem here, EoIP and 60 GHz works as it should.


You end up ever getting a 7630? If so, how’s it working for you? I’m looking to replace a couple of AP’s and have been leaning heavily on the GWN7630 since hearing about it from Willie Howe


Hello! Yes I bought one for around $160 CAD vs. 200 CAD for the Ubiquiti AC Pro.

It’s working great so far, I like the ability to have multiple SSIDs (I currently have 4 at the moment) One for IOT, guest, etc. I am also using the voucher which is a nice added benefit.

Upon reboot, I like the status page showing what modules have been rebooted and running. The range seems to be pretty good too, I have it in the far corner of a 1400 sqft bungalow and have no problems with internet out on my deck which is on the complete opposite side of the house.

Only complaint I have is the update process is a little tricky to update the firmware and having the management piece a stand-alone-piece instead of the integrated UniFi ecosystem. The latter is no fault of the AP, on the same topic - if you have multiple Grandstream AP’s, you can have one dedicated ‘server/controller’ and have the rest feed into it which is a nice feature to have if you have multiple APs.

All-in-all, a solid WAP.


Awesome to hear! Thanks!!!