GWN7630 Connection Problem


I just got Grandstream GWN7630 Access Point. I connected it to the main router but it dropped everything up. Connected it to the switch, but it is not connecting to the internet. Is there someone who can help me solve the issue? Thanks.


details, scenario and problems detected are needed.
It is not enough to connect an access point to a switch to navigate.


I think I gave the details, scenario and problem. I bought a GWN7630, connect to the PoE Switch and to the router but it caused trouble. No device can access the internet. Remove it to the router and everything is back to normal. I tried to connect it to the switch not directly to the router but it is not connecting at all. I don’t know what sort of details you need. Sorry. Thank you for the response. I haven’t done any troubleshooting though. I just thought it is plug and play. Thanks.