GWN7630 - android and iphones keep disconnecting from wifi


Hi, I have a problem with AP GWN7630 wifi. I have noticed that phones (both android and iphone) keep disconnecting from wifi when they are in sleep mode. I even can see this devices in ap administration as “offline devices”.

I have tried various routers but this problem occurs only with GWN7630 wifi, so I dont think that problem is in phones. When on charger, both android and iphone keep their connection with no issues.

I am sure that signal strenth is not an issue because this happens even 1m from AP.

Could you help me please?



iOS devices will disconnect in sleep. They require a keep-alive sent from the AP to remain active., which I do not know if the AP has that functionality. Android has a setting to allow or restrict background data on both cellular and wifi. This may also be set at the app level.

Mobile device manufacturers are keenly aware of battery limitations and try to conserve same when the devices are not in “active” use. You might check the Apple Store and see if they now have an app that addresses the issue. It is not an AP issue, but with how Apple tries to conserve battery. You can see many Apple users with the same issue on Apple’s forum.

The AP merely sits and awaits a client connection. It does not control for how long or little a client remains connected unless there is a schedule in the AP that is set to only allow connections during certain periods.


in the advanced settings of Android (I don’t remember where) it is possible to say that in case of “sleep” the wifi does not become dormant, on IOS it may be possible there can be


Thank you for your advices. It seems that I found solution or bug. Problem was in band steering. I set wifi to 2.4G only and all problems are gone.


Yeah I found this too, with band steering enabled, once a week it would permanently disconnect half a dozen devices that were 2.4GHz only because it would try to steer them to 5.8GHz. I’d have to reboot the AP to get them all to connect again (rebooting the devices themselves wouldnt work). It took me six months of stuffing around with the AP’s before I finally figured it out. I just disabled the stupid feature, and its been rock solid since.