GWN7610 quick review from a home user


I recently purchased this AP and am currently testing it. What a wonderful piece of electronics!

Once connected to my LAN, it was easy to “find” it, then I upgraded it to 1.06.43 right away.

The embedded controller software has a beautiful and very complete interface. It feels solid and reliable. I realize my use case might be an exception on this forum, being a home user for this AP, but the web interface provides me with all the info I need to monitor this AP. It looks professional and it behaves flawlessly. I understand that it might not have been the case in the past, but 1.06.43 seems very good.

I considered the purchase of an Ubiquity AP, but the need to install a separate controller software and dedicate a desktop computer to it made me look elsewhere.

A little bit of background info: I purchased this unit to replace an Engenius EAP600. The EAP600 offered me good performance, I put it in service for a year and a half, BUT it would reboot by itself under heavy load, even though I could disable a watchdog process that I found running after login into the openwrt vbash shell. Then I purchased an EAP1300 (a MU-MIMO unit) This one proved to be reliable but it showed a performance hit from 125 mbps (EAP600) down to 80 mbps, I returned this unit.

Now the GWN7610 is working flawlessly. Good speed: 115 mbps (I get 133 mpbs on a wired desktop for comparaison) and more important, no hiccup, no reboot under the heaviest load I could throw at it (multiple simultaneous file transfer from different desktops to android devices, Netflix movie watching and multiple speed testing(Netspeed) all at the same time.

My decision to go with the GWN7610 was largely influenced by the excellent reviews (albeit only 14 of them) on, from which I ordered the unit.

As one of the reviewer on amazon wrote: “the GWN7610 if a best kept secret”.

I will update this review after a few weeks of continuous use.

Guy L.
(Laval, Canada)



We were one of the beta testers of the device and I can say this: the latest firmware releases (the last two) have solved all outstanding issues we had with it as a beta product and we consider it to be one of the best products that Grandstream has ever produced. Not just for features and quality, but for its robustness and ease of use and the fact that they didn’t break anything that was already working when they updated the firmware (a common problem for their phones and IP PBX devices).

Glad you’re enjoying it. Our beta unit is at a staff person’s house right now as well, being tested as a potential replacement for our field-deployed Meraki units (and their corresponding high cost of licensing). We also agree that it makes a great home unit and are seeing how easy it is to manage it as a home unit (as opposed to office unit) for the long term.

Good luck!